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Picture of Bucktons Fat/Energy/Suet Balls, Pack of 150
Bucktons Energy Balls are a high energy formulation enriched with black sunflowers to attract birds. These UK manufactured energy balls also provide calcium to support egg production and the texture has been specially designed to aid consumption.
Picture of Bucktons Parrot Elite 12.75kg
Bucktons Elite Parrot is a premium mix suitable for all parrot types and contains over twenty varieties of seeds and fruits. This blend is optimised to offer the best nutrition as well as keep your bird entertained with ingredients of different shapes and sizes, including chillies.
Picture of Gardman No Mess Seed Mix for Wild Birds - 12.75kg
Gardman No Mess Seed Mix is a quality seed blend with oil-rich, high energy sunflower hearts and peanut bites. Gardman No Mess Seed Mix contains all edible ingredients, with no waste and no husk, meaning it’s only packed with the very best seeds.
Picture of Peckish All Weather Large Nyjer Seed Feeder
Peckish All Weather Nyjer Feeder is perfect for feeding nyjer seed, the small perforated holes in the stainless steel tube make it easy for birds to cling to the side and remove their favourite seed. This feeder has a tough metal design to withstand the elements. It has a broad handle so you can hook it over branches large and small, or on purpose-built hooks. The quick-release base ensures easy removal for cleaning.
Peckish Complete Seed & Nut Mix 20kg | JDSDIY.COM
Peckish Complete Seed & Nut Mix contains 12 different seeds and is a no-mess, husk free blend. This mix has been formulated to offer maximum nutrition to birds as well as attract a wide variety of species and can be used in feeders, on bird tables and ground feeding trays.
Picture of Peckish Winter Warmer Wild Bird Seed Mix, 12.75 kg (60050117)
Peckish Winter Warmer has been formulated to offer a high energy, high-fat blend to support birds in the colder months when natural food is scarcer to find. As well as high energy seeds, this mix also has suet pellets included to further boost the fat content.
Picture of Gardman Supreme Suet Balls, Pack Of 50
Contains 59% more energy and fat than standard Fat Snax. Made with 25% black sunflower seeds and 25% peanuts. Suitable for use in Fat Snax feeders, on bird tables and ground feeding. Packed in a convenient, resealable plastic tub.
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